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Saturday September 30 from 15:00 to 16:15

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About the class

What you will get
- 75 minutes of Twerk fun
- Latest Twerk music
- High energy class
- High intensity Booty Workout
- Various and unique Twerk choreographies
- Good atmosphere
- Personal attention and tutoring
- Get triggered to go out of your comfort zone
- Fun way to get your weekly dose of exerciseTwerk
Twerk is hot and fun. For us dancers a good way to skip the gym because Rachel's twerk classes involves high intensity booty workouts all the way through. It will be 75 minutes of fun, sweating, dancing and shaking your booty on Twerk music!‘’A dance that requires you to shake your booty up and down. A common dance by girls’’ – Urbandictionary.comWhat to bring to Rachel’s Twerk class
- Sneakers
- Kneepads
- Bottle of water
- Optional: towel, you might sweat… a lot ;)
- Optional: comfortable heels, depending on the choreography.Beginner?
Or afraid your booty isn’t so movable as you wish? Please do not hesitate to come. Rachel also started as a non-twerker two years ago and now her booty is shaking. You can learn everything when you are dedicated, have the drive and a good tutor. Rachel will take her time to explain you all the tips & tricks and learn you how to twerk. Are there physical limitations? Rachel will do her best to let you dance your own way in your own time. Just come and let the Twerk flow take over.Are you ready? Follow Rachel's Twerk classes every Sunday at Chassé Dance Studios from 10.45 am - 12.00 pm.


Please arrive 10 minutes before the lesson starts. Make sure you pick up your coin from the front desk after check-in to hand in to the teacher. No outdoor or black soled footwear should be worn in the studios.

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      Studio 4 - Chassestraat 64 , Amsterdam


      • x Nicole Kubik
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