PoleFlow - Level 3 - Rasalila

Tuesday April 17 from 18:00 to 19:00

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About the class

* For students who feel very comfortable with inversions, leg hangs, climbing, and spin pole. Must have been taking our level 2 classes for at least a few months before signing up for this class, or at least 1 full year of extensive training in other facilities.

If you are comfortable with all your level 2 inversions, we are ready to take you to the next level of strength and grace. In this class we raise the bar with more advanced inversions and holds as well as spins. You will learn how to put it all together in some beautiful combos, as we help you find your own strength and style. Level 2 (Beg-->Int) classes are required prior to this class, or an approval of one of our teachers.


Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before the lesson begins. There are no showers or lockers but an open wardrobe where you can hang your belongings. For the Pole Flow lesson please wear shorts, a t-shirt and have bare feet. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt for the pole and flow lessons and take your shoes off as you'll need bare feet.

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      Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, Studio Boven


      • Alina Tuluceanu
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