Barre Flow - Studio 191 West

Tuesday April 17 from 17:00 to 18:00

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Bringing two of our favourite practices together, Barre Flow is a 60 minute Barre workout combined with active, Vinyasa Flow yoga. We begin the class with a fun, high tempo power vinyasa flow practice to warm up the body, strengthen the upper body, stimulate detoxification and boost the metabolism. Our Power Vinyasa will already begin to create length in the body whilst strengthening and toning the muscles ~ especially those arms, chest + back muscles. We then move to the barre where we practice our favourite moves from the original Barre 191 class. There is no doubt that you will feel the work you're doing here and our alignment-focused, fun and energising sequence of barre moves will have you sweating + smiling in no time. Finally, we return to the mat as we groove to the final tracks with some core strengtheners. Love flowing Yoga + hardcore Barre? This is the one for you.


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Note: The cancellation period for Studio 191 ends 8 hours before the start of the class. Please keep this in mind when you make a reservation.

Also note that the ‘Baby + Me’ and ‘Flow + Glow Prenatal/Postnatal’ classes are not included in a OneFit membership.

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      Jan Hanzenstraat 54, 1053 ST Amsterdam


      • Mirjam Heldmann
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