Open & Explore | Yin - Yagoy | West

Saturday July 14 from 12:00 to 13:15

4 spots available
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About the class

(Yin yoga -inspired)
Intention: improve the health of your subtle and energetic bodies, calm your nervous system, lengthen and increase the elasticity of the connective tissue that surrounds your joints
Structure: intention setting and centering, gentle, mindful movements and longer held postures
Benefits: feel more balanced and calm. Improved joint mobility and function of the energy channels and internal organs.
Special notes: inspired by traditional Yin yoga, this class is open to all levels


Show your socks at Yagoy! As soon as you walk into this beautiful studio you are asked to leave your shoes at the door so your feet can ground into the floor.

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      Postjesweg 106-1, 1057 EG Amsterdam


      • Ilse van Meggelen
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