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Finding your workout was never this easy. Book classes or drop in at locations to train on your own. This is how OneFit works.

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The OneFit Membership

Up to 6 bookings at a time

Make up to 6 bookings at a time or drop in at locations and work out on your own

4 check-ins per location

Per period (30 days), work out 4 times per location, and check into 2 locations a day

No set contract

No need to commit to any set period and no initiation costs

Manage your membership

Pause or cancel your membership per 30 days with one click in the app

Check in via the OneFit app

Confirm your attendance or cancel your booking 2 or 8 hours in advance of the class

Create your routine

Reserve classes up to two weeks in advance or add yourself to a waiting list

How it works

How to use OneFit

  • 1. Download the app

    Your OneFit app is your passport to all locations and is a necessity to use the membership. Download it from the Google Play Store or App Store and create an account.

  • 2. Browse classes and locations

    Discover your favorite classes or find locations to work out at by yourself. Classes will become visible in the schedule two weeks prior to when the class takes place.

  • 3. Book classes

    Make reservations for classes you want to attend. You can also drop into locations that don’t require reservations, such as gyms and swimming pools, and do a workout on your own. Find these locations by filtering for ‘Gyms’.

How it works

  • 4. Check in

    Go to the location, check in via the OneFit app on your mobile phone and show your check-in confirmation to the front desk. Be sure to check in via the OneFit app to prevent a no-show fee of 10 euros, which covers the cost of your vacant spot!

  • 5. Work out with friends

    Do you want to work out with friends? You can easily invite them to book the same class through the app.

  • 6. Pause during holidays

    With no fixed contract you have more flexibility to pause or cancel your membership. Notify us up to 10 days before the end of your period easily through your ‘Membership Settings’ in the app.

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