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Limited offer: work out one month at Gezond aan Zee Outdoor and 87 other gyms and studios in The Hague for just € 49,- € 29,- per month

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Gezond aan Zee Outdoor

Multiple locations

At Gezond aan zee Outdoor you can join different sports activities on the beach! The activities are based on functional training, varied and challenging for everyone. Join workouts on the beach, in the sand dunes and in the sea! The trainers have a real passion for outdoor sports and make the lessons fun and enjoyable. Make the beach your new favourite place to train at Gezond aan zee Outdoor!


Note: Gezond Aan Zee Outdoor has a cancellation period of 8 hours!
Check per class:

TRAIL RUNNING: Try a walking course in the dunes and on the beach, if you can walk 5 km without problems that workout is suitable for you.

SURFIT: This workout is given at a basic level (you should have basic surfing experience). IN the winter this lesson is given inside at the Gezond aan zee Studio.

WATERSESSIONS: To join this workout you should have followed at least one surfing lesson. (this lesson is only given in the summer season).

WATERMEN: To join this workout you must be able to swim at least 250 meters of breast crawl, be comfortable in the North Sea and have knowledge of tides and currents. (this lesson is only given in the summer season)


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