Contemporary Jazz | Beginner - Chasse Dance Studios

zaterdag 14 juli van 12:00 tot 13:30

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Catherine's unique style embodies a wide range of integrated and particular movements, often including dynamic and varied rhythms, aimed at expressing emotion through exploring divergent flow kinesthetically.The class starts with a 30-minute yoga based warm-up focused on stretching, strengthening and placement. Catherine believes that dance mirrors life and that, in general, we tend to vastly undermine our capabilities. Therefore, her class is designed to enhance one to push through personal boundaries and this includes the progression to movement and technique across the floor, enriching spatial awareness and building confidence.Catherine's class evolves to the learning of her choreography, intended to challenge the student to expand their consciousness and experience of themselves and their flow in dance. Ultimately, aspiring towards the goal of allowing body, mind and soul to become one.


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      Studio 5 - Chassestraat 64 , Amsterdam


      • Catherine Strawbridge
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