Wine Your Waist (Caribbean Dance)! - Rasalila

Friday 20 April van 20:30 tot 21:30

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Have you wondered what it would be like to dance like a real Caribbean “gyal”? To whine your waist, isolate your hips, and shake that booty?Wining, a "Trinidad" and West Indian thing, is an intense, sensuous dance movement that involves rhythmically moving the waist and hips to (carnival Soca) music. It’s all about positive energy, bringing the awareness into your body, sisterhood and vibrant shaking fun.

A full on cardio workout that involves wining your waist, learning to relax the tension in the lower half of your body, isolating the hips, being feminine and sexy while building flexibility and strength in this area – you will definitely experience new sensations in your body.Juel has studied the European body for the past few years in order to break down the steps needed to gain flexibility and strength in your core, thighs, waist, and booty. And wants to share some of her culture, as all of these ancient dances helped women keep their body’s strong, flexible, pain free, connected and helps keep their energy in their bodies, instead of solely in their heads.This workout is done barefoot, and if you want to ramp up your sexy… Heels! Wear whatever you feel sexy in.


Zorg dat je 10 minuten voor aanvang van de les aanwezig bent bij Rasalila. Er zijn geen lockers maar een open kast waarin jij je spullen kunt opbergen. Er zijn geen douches aanwezig. Draag voor de Pole Flow lessen een kort broekje, een shirtje en geen schoenen maar blote voeten!

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      Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, Studio Boven


      • Juel McNeilly
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