Surf Yoga - Studio 191 West

Friday 18 May van 16:30 tot 17:45

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Surf Yoga classes are a fun and challenging way to explore and play with your body’s balance control systems. Set in a warm room on specialised surf boards made of wood and cork, Surf Yoga is designed to create multiple levels of instability for beginners through to advanced surfers, yogis and fitness fans.

So why are we crazy for taking our practice to the board?
We’re often unaware of our basic ability to balance (until we lose our balance, of course) as so much of our movement as human beings is dependent on balance and coordination. We undertake most movements in the day barely noticing our supreme balance and incredible coordination skills.

In a Surf Yoga class, that will all change. Designed as both a physical body workout and a deeply grounding mind practice, Surf Yoga will transform how you experience your body and your workout. When we practice yoga on the board, we attain deeper presence - often through paying close attention to our stability, our method of moving and the sensations that arise within each slight shift of weight.

Your mind will need to stay present to maintain your balance and stability. In this sense, we apply a more yogic element to the class, paying close attention to breath, movement and the mind's natural fluctuations as we undergo this combination of yoga + fitness on and off the board.

Surf Yoga classes are practiced on a cork board using the power of your own body weight. In our partner class, Surf Fit, we explore fitness moves on the board and utilise weights and resistance bands to increase the challenge. Both classes are designed to bring you maximum results, an intense workout and a good time.

TIP: Feel free to bring a (beach) towel and a water bottle to class with you. We recommend that you wear fitted, sports clothing that won’t restrict your movement. Beach-inspired clothing is always acceptable (but leave those Speedos at home, please)



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LET OP: Bij Studio 191 geldt een annuleringstermijn van 8 uur. Houd hier rekening mee tijdens het maken van een reservering.

Let ook op de ‘Baby + Me’ en de ‘Flow + Glow Prenatal/Postnatal’ lessen. Deze lessen zijn niet inbegrepen in het OneFit-abonnement.

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