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Sound Journey - The Conscious Club

vrijdag 18 mei van 19:30 tot 21:00

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Sound Journey
Every month at The Conscious Club, Sound Journey with Frank Klank. Frank Klank is the Mr. Singing Bowls of Amsterdam, with his 33 different singing bowls, he makes each journey different one. Singing bowls are known for it's healing purposes, full relaxation and harmonic vibrations guaranteed! Each month Frank will invite a friend to play with him. Come relax and recharge on their healing sound journey. Thomas KwakernaatThomas Kwakernaat graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdamin 1997 as a double bass player in Jazz and Latin music.
He recorded an amount of CD’s with various combo’s. Though meanwhile, the fenomenen Sound got for him a more intense and deeper meaning. Nada Brahma, everything is sound. He began to study the use and understanding of Sound in Healing. Thomas also sings mantra’s with various groups and plays on many Festivals as a bass player, singer and on percussion.
During his sound healing Thomas use authentic Tibetan bowls, Asian Gongs, the Panart Hang and several other world music instruments. The resonance has a beneficial effect on the human body and Fysical well-being.Ton Akkermans
Ton Akkermans has been working 18 years in child psychiatry as an
Antroposofical guide and taught Arts in a Rudolf Steiner School.
Ton did the education for creative and sound therapist.
He is a copper blacksmith and all his instruments are handmade.Carolina Schomper was a dancer, actrice, mime player. She owned a Balletschool where she has been teaching to children and adults alike. Many years she educated herself in Spirituality and gave workshops and has been guiding meditation. She is also a Sensi therapist.Ton and Carolina give sound concerts and individual sound sessions in the Netherlands and abroad. Together they organize workshops in beautiful natural environments, where one is given the opportunity to forge an own personal sound bowl and other instruments. Under professional supervision one learns the technique of Forging and the technique of ´Listening´.
More about Ton and Carolina on www.klankcreatie.nlLaura Lotti is harpist is recognisable by her adventurous and intuitive sounds that lead to surprising sounds. By playing meditative music she explores the calming effects of the harp. At her sessions, it is about inner peace. She improvises from her own existing compositions, where a diverse spectrum of spheres will cross your ears. Besides the common classic sounds, Laura Lotti is part of the folk band LALOMA and forms a musical duo with Gwendolyn Snowdon.WHEN?
Date: Every month on Friday
Time: 19:30-21:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,- // Available with your membership, 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass or Onefit card (limited spots).GOOD TO KNOW:- Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are in time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.
- At the moment our external booking system does not accept iDeal payments anymore. For now it’s possible to buy your tickets with a creditcard, to buy a ticket at the door, or buy one via banktransfer. Just transfer the ticket amount to: The Conscious Club B.V. at account number: NL 16 TRIO 0391 1029 74 // Send us an e-mail at info[at] with a screenshot of the transfer, and we'll fix the rest!AGENDASaturday the 1st of September - 17:15-18:00
Frank KlankFriday the 21st of September - 19:30-21:00
Thomas KwakernaatFriday the 27th of October - 19:30-21:00
Thomas KwakernaatFriday the 16th of November - 19:30-21:00
Frank Klank & FriendsFriday the 21st of December - 19:30-21:00
Frank Klank & Friends


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