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vrijdag 18 mei van 19:30 tot 21:00

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IMPORTANT TIME= 19:30-21:00 - NOT 19:30-22:00 SOUND JOURNEY
Every month at The Conscious Club, a special Sound Journey to restore body, mind and spirit. Ancient instruments are known for their healing purposes. Surrender to the harmonic vibrations to relax and recharge during a healing Sound Journey!FACILITATORSThomas Kwakernaat graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 1997 as a double bass player in Jazz and Latin music. He recorded different CD’s with various combo’s. Though meanwhile, the phenomenon Sound got for him a more intense and deeper meaning. Nada Brahma, everything is sound. He began to study the use and understanding of Sound in Healing. Thomas also sings mantra’s with various groups and plays on many Festivals as a bass player, singer and on percussion. During his sound healing Thomas use authentic Tibetan bowls, Asian Gongs, the Panart Hang and several other world music instruments. The resonance has a beneficial effect on the human body and physical well-beingLaura Lotti is harpist is recognizable by her adventurous and intuitive sounds that lead to surprising sounds. By playing meditative music she explores the calming effects of the harp. At her sessions, it is about inner peace. She improvises from her own existing compositions, where a diverse spectrum of spheres will cross your ears. Besides the common classic sounds, Laura Lotti is part of the folk band LALOMA and forms a musical duo with Gwendolyn Snowdon.Dana grew up in a yoga ashram and was drawn to Indian music, languages and mantras from a young age. She guides people into deep relaxation and stillness with gentle guitar play and a healing voice.
For an impression of her music, please check the link below: is a master on the sitar. He learned to play the sitar from some of the greatest Indian musicians in the nineties and graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory specializing in North Indian classical music. His music has a spiritual nature and he often performs in the context of yoga, music as a form of meditation and guides mantra singing.Ute Apfelstedt, also known under her artist name Ute Passionflower, is a violinist, flautist, singer and composer with a classical and improvisational background. Ute is an international performer and also holds a master’s degree in psychology with additional experience in meditation and visualisation techniques, which inspired her to combine her knowledge in the field of music and mind to enhance individual and global peace, kindness, awareness and healing. She recently introduced her projects ‘Violins beat violence’ and ‘tune yourself, tune the world’ on TEDx Amsterdam Women with a beautiful speech and live performance.

Facilitators: Dana, Thomas, Tammo, Laura, Elise and Ute
Date: Every month on Friday
Time: 19:30-21:00
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass or New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit card members we have very limited spaces available.        Tickets: AGENDA
Friday the 18th of January - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Tammo & DanaFriday the 15th of February - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Thomas Kwakernaat & Laura LottiFriday the 15th of March - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Ute & Laura LottiFriday the 12th of April - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Thomas Kwakernaat & ElinaFriday the 17th of May - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Thomas Kwakernaat & DanaFriday the 21st of June - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Tammo & DanaFriday the 19th of July - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Thomas Kwakernaat & Laura LottiFriday the 16th of August - 19:30-21:00
Sound Journey with Thomas Kwakernaat & ElinaGOOD TO KNOW:
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