Hormone Yoga | Well Women | All levels - Yoga Moves

Friday 18 May van 16:00 tot 17:15

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Hormone yoga is aimed at women of all ages before conception, between pregnancies and at all stages of the menopause.

The aim of this class is to stabilize the hormonal levels in the body by reactivating the hormone production of the endocrine glands – the ovaries, hypophysis, thyroid and adrenals.

Hormone yoga, also known as Well Woman yoga, teaches classic yoga poses with variations, uses breath awareness, micro movements and stretches, improving the blood flow to the pelvic area.

Practices are both gentle and dynamic, fluid and static. We create suppleness and strength from the inside out. Give your hormonal system some TLC, improve your blood circulation and find inner calm, even during hormonal waves in the body.

Whenever you are drawn to nurture yourself in a more attentive and feminine way, this is your yoga class. Feel welcome and safe amongst kindred spirits and embrace your femininity.

Hormone yoga | Well woman yoga is suitable for all levels, and, no surprise, for women only.


Let op! Als je gebruik maakt van de studiomatten tijden Hot Yoga lessen dien je zelf een matbedekkende handdoek mee te nemen.

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